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Meeting the Challenge of Parenting in the West – An Islamic Perspective

This book covers most of the social issues related to parents, husbands, wives, and children. It is beneficial for all members of the family, those starting out on family life and those families which have already developed as a basic unity of society. The book is divided into eight main sections. The first section explains the objectives of tarbia. The second section describes the basic principles of tarbia deduced from Qur'an and the teachings of Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, as a Murabbi (Murabbi is the person who conducts the tarbia process) and educator. The third section ...

Three Steps to a Strong Family

The Eyres ( authors of Teaching Your Children Values ) are supremely qualified to write a book about families: they have nine children. And all families, they advise us, need three elements: a legal system for settling disputes and setting rules, an economy to teach financial responsibility and an identity for building strong values and traditions. Unlike many other parenting books, this one encourages parents to respect children ...

Muslim Teens – Today’s Worry, Tomorrow’s Hope

Muslim Teens is a comprehensive, solution-oriented book that allows parents to fulfill the trust of raising their teens in a systematic and tested way, based on guidance from the Qur'an and the teachings of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. It truly gives parents an opportunity to turn today's worry into tomorrow's hope. The book emphasizes the need to understand teenagers and the bewildering changes they undergo during this stage of their life. Readers are given a detailed picture of the teen subculture in North America ...

Safeguarding Your Teenagers from the Dragons of Life: A Parent’s Guide to the Adolescent Years

Raising teenagers in today's society is more challenging than ever. Helping your teens avoid drug and alcohol use, value an education and construct a healthy identity is indeed an achievement. How can you do all of that? Of all your parenting actions, what will have the highest payoff in helping your teenagers?

Parenting Skills Based on the Qur’an and Sunnah (With Practical Examples for Various Ages)

This Book contains a great portion of the material presented by the authors in one of the most successful parenting workshops in the world. This parenting workshop has been very well received in the various corners of the globe. Here are some testimonials from those who have attended the seminar ...

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions on Parenting (Part 1)

This book is the first in a series that contains detailed answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on the hot topic of parenting in North America. Because some of these questions have been raised more than once over the recent years, we feel that they represent crucial issues of concern occupying the minds of a great majority of parents. As such, making these answers available in a written format would hopefully provide Muslim parents with the proper advice supported by the Qur’an as well as the teachings of the prophet Muhammad SAAW.

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