Answers to Frequently Asked Questions on Marriage (Part 1)

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions on Marriage (Part 1)

Ekram Beshir and Mohamed Rida Beshir

Paperback (6×9)
144 Pages

Maintaining a healthy marriage is a challenge in the best of circumstances but trying to keep a marriage going strong when one or both spouses are misinformed about the purpose of marriage or the rights and obligations of each partner can be an absolute disaster! In this latest contribution to the literature on marital harmony, Dr. Ekram and Dr. Rida Beshir once again tackle a complex issue with a healthy blend of wisdom, clarity and common sense. Drawing heavily on verses of the Qur’an and the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (saaw), the authors address real frequently asked questions that they have received repeatedly from frustrated husbands and wives alike. Having witnessed first-hand the growing confusion and resentment between spouses during the marriage and parenting workshops that they conduct in various cities throughout the world, the authors felt it was time to address some key misconceptions about the institution of marriage in Islam with depth and breadth. With subjects ranging from the spousal selection process, financial issues, disputes with inlaws, cross-cultural marriages, conflict resolution, mahr, qawamah, polygamy, women’s rights, love, and various other issues, this valuable collection should not only be used as a reference that spouses reach for when trying to resolve marital conflicts, but as required reading in preparation for marriage.

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